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Live the legend! Choose one of four characters from the Chinese epic Journey to the West – Iron Fan, Bull, Fox, or the rebellious Monkey King himself – and join a MMORPG world like you've never seen. Master the art of war, discover the secrets of magic, and invoke the shapeshifting Immortals to prepare for a battle that will shake the heavens!

Halloween Monkey Mash

Time: 10/30 00:00 - 11/3 23:55 (server time) Server: S1 - S64


[S65] Storm Prism (GMT), Opens at 13:00 GMT, on

Our new GMT Server [S65] Storm Prism, will open at 13:00 GMT on October 30th. That's 06:00 PDT...


Check Out This Week’s Ascension Events!

Server: s1 - s63 Time: 10/27 00:00-11/2 23:59 (server time)


[Patch Notes]10/23 Update

There's an invasion coming, and it's a big one – but you'll have help! In this brand new Venture...


Defense of the Ape

​The Monkey King has proclaimed himself 'The Omnipotent,' and some in heaven are furious. He is...