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​The world of Monkey King Online is vast, filled with countless monsters, allies, and quests. Auto-pathing helps you get where you need to go without getting lost.

A. Auto-pathing locally

Click the hyperlinked text to go to the next part of a quest. Depending on the quest, you will auto-path to an NPC or to a monster that needs slaying.

Auto-pathing outside quests
1. Hit M or click the map button in the top right to open the map panel.

2. In the map interface, there is a column on the right that lists all NPCs, monsters, and teleportation points on that map. Click any of these points to auto-path there.

B. Auto-pathing on the world map
1. Hit M to open up the map and then click World Map at the top of the panel.
2. From here you can auto-path - or use a Flying Nimbus to cloud-hop to any place in the world.