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Character Bio – Fox
​Don’t be fooled – looks can deceive. Beneath Fox’s beautiful visage lies a cunning warrior, tough enough to go toe-to-toe with the ancient Immortals of Heaven but also smart enough to know when subtlety is the best bet.
Fox is the champion of the fox people, and after focusing her Chi for nearly a millennium has honed her skills to the highest echelon of excellence.

A master of fusing magic with combat, Fox wields a sword to go alongside her wily tricks. Learn and upgrade powerful skills, such as ‘Nine-tailed Flurry’, ‘Gentle Heave’ and ‘Spectral Charm’ to leave your enemies in the dust.
She’s a formidable ally of Monkey – and one of your best choices, should you choose to accept this mission and join in the madness of Monkey King Online!